aahepp : UXIN also looking to test that mornign session hight
aahepp : /ES new all time
aahepp : XLE put rolled from Jul to Aug but also up from 46 to 49. Collected .65 more premium
maria : Trch borrow fee is insane!
maria : This could squeeze beautifully! whos in it?
aahepp : WPG looking to pay on the 5%
aahepp : KERN on the 5%'er
aahepp : Seems like the big banks are getting in a little late
aahepp : AHT watch over 4.90 for the continuation
aahepp : AHT on the 5%'er
aahepp : Rolled KR July 31 put to the Aug $32 put collected .17 more credit.
aahepp : HUT needs over 3.84 to get new money interested
aahepp : RCON on the 5%'er
aahepp : PIRS 4.50 next level to watch
aahepp : AHT looking for the $5 test
aahepp : AHT tested the 4.90 and got rejected the 1st attempt
aahepp : RCON popped up on the pinch scanner
aahepp : STO Aug $6put in KGC Collected .22
aahepp : AHT looking for the $5 test
aahepp : IKT from the pinch / gap down scanner needs over 3.17 to get into that gap
aahepp : I see E*Trade sent out an email hyping up their "scanner" To bad that is called a screener since it does not update in real time
aahepp : ENG needs over 3.58
aahepp : ENG paid on the 5%'er
aahepp : END next major 3.81
aahepp : ENG here is the 3.81 test
maria : KIQ
aahepp : OEG on the 5%'er but you will have to track from the other scanner
aahepp : GTT finally made it to the 5%'er
chuckster : call sweep is it good .. or do market makers try harder to the stock down??
chuckster : hold
chuckster : to hold the stock down
aahepp : Call sweep is usually when they are just buying calls in various expirations
chuckster : he just said call sweep on AHT.. $5
chuckster : bullish ? at least ?
aahepp : it varies. if they sold them (which means they are looking for the price to go lower or they are hedging their risk)
chuckster : kk thanks
aahepp : buying them means they could be protecting their short side or they are bullish on the stock
chuckster : got ya
aahepp : to see that you go to the tape and see what the bid/ask was and see what price they were done at
chuckster : kk thanks so much
aahepp : only thing out there on the books right now AHT is a bearish 5/7.5 calls spread
chuckster : oh ok just heard mr land say call sweep on it didnt know if i should add coming up on 5 bucks now
aahepp : ya that one is hard to see because AHT always has a ton of option volume on it
chuckster : ok
aahepp : ZERS on the 5%'er
aahepp : XERS
aahepp : GTT paid on the 5%'er
aahepp : A lot of mining names popped up on the pinch scanner today: * AU KGC AUY NMG NG GFI SSRM
aahepp : AHT $5 tested and rejected
aahepp : AHT paid
aahepp : So was going back through my old scans for unusual option activity
aahepp : EDIT someone sold 2000 bear call spread 41/44 that expire next Friday
aahepp : SBEV on the 5%'er
aahepp : /ES 2 times today has tested making a new all time but been rejected each time. So this may be showing buyers are not willing to push it up
aahepp : AHT 5.34 next major