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CYH (Community Health Systems) investment addition

CYH (Community Health Systems) investment addition

by aahepp -
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If you are not already into CYH, then I would set alerts for the pullback to the 7-8 level for a possible entry, or sell OTM (out of the money) puts at the level you would like to buy.  I have had this one one the investment portfolio for some time in the health care sector.  Then it was high risk and still purely speculative.  Looking at the latest quarterlies they are moving to profitability.

Depending on what they do on the next quarter will determine if they are still moving forward.  As long as they are profitable then that should solidify their position.

Sector: Health Services
Industry: Hospital/Nursing Management
Community Health Systems, Inc. engages in the management and operations of hospitals. It operates general acute care hospitals and related healthcare entities that provide inpatient and outpatient healthcare services. The company was founded in March 1985 and is headquartered in Franklin, TN.