1/31 Watch List

1/31 Watch List

by aahepp -
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Possible Break Out:  AGTC    

Continuation Watch:  MIGI    

Possible Reversal:  DOYU    

Bullish Close:  GATO     SHCR

As some in the room had heard, Benzinga will no longer have their news channel live on TD Amertrade.  I looked at the price for the service and it is $1444 for the year.  I can not justify paying that for just that service when most of the time the scanners alert the move before the news does.  Include that with the lack of donations for the past few years its just not in the budget.  

What this does mean is that the Channel Service will no longer be in the room.  That bot is what gave you the audio alert when someone had typed a message all the time.  You will still hear the alert if you are viewing another tab or another web page.  But if have the chatroom in focus all the time then you will not get notified when there are new messages.  I am sure this is good for some as they got annoyed by that.
I updated the chatroom this weekend to the latest software so you may notice that some of the layout has changed and the trade tool buttons have been moved and some things added.

Have a good weekend and will see you on Monday