New layout

New layout

by aahepp -
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I have implemented a new layout in the chatroom

The scanner can be seen below the chat panel, and a streaming chart of the stock mentioned will be displayed.  Depending on the size of your screen the scanner window may not be big enough so you can drag the chat panel to the right to enlarge it to where you can read it.

If you wish to not see the chart and only see the scanner then you will click on the hamburger icon in the right hand corner and select the settings option.

From there you can select the option you want and click Save.
Focus on video leaves it as is.
Focus on Presentation brings the scanner to the main window and puts the scanner under the chat window.

As well some new/additional buttons have been added.  There is a Links button that you hover over to give you access to some additional resources, and as well the 5% scanner button you now jsut hover over to see.  When you leave the area it will close up.  This helps people save on screen space.