End of an Era

End of an Era

by aahepp -
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As some may know the server in the Dallas facility decided to die.  At first thought it was just a couple hard drives that had died but looks like it was more.  The power supply popped a capacitor which sent 12v power through the 5v rail thus taking out 2 of the 4  4 core CPUs, the RAID controller, and 1 set of memory banks; in short a total loss.

This controlled the Trade Ideas data stream and display, it controlled the NASDAQ and NYSE data feeds that ran the auto traders as well as the auto traders themselves.  Which means for the time being I will need to be placing my own trades manually.  I do not have the hardware to replace all the pieces and a new server would be in the 6000 range.  

The room was started back in February 2018 to get away from stock promoters and the scams they pulled.  I did not mind funding such operations in the hopes that others would join and learn, as well if money was made in the process a little would be paid forward to help the costs of everything.  For awhile this model worked and it provided enough to help not have to take the burden on alone.  But in the recent years membership has been down as well as not many donations have come in.  I had always tried to do everything on the cheap for it to not make such a impact on my finances.  But when E*Trade decided to pull their scanners, that was left to pay for a $2200 subscription just so you all could see the scanners.  That expense was again renewed in November costing another $2200.  Still have the cost of the server running the website(s), as well as the cost of the VPS(s) that provides the chatroom and the audio and scanner bots.  This tends to add up over the years and now with the need of buying a new server just to provide the room access to the scanners is sad to say not worth the expense.

So in closing I will be shutting down the chatroom as of this weekend.  It has been a fun four years and I appreciate all that did help contribute with their donations and time.  Hopefully you all made some money and friends along this journey.  As my last "good deed" I will give anyone that wants them the config settings for each of the scanners that was used.  That way if someone wants to purchase themselves a Trade-Ideas subscription they can still have access to the information we seen daily.