TradeRoom Features

Community Funded

This is the most important aspect of the TradeRoom; it is funded by donations from the users that have joined and made money from the alerts and the tools provided to them, as well as users that are pay to play. This means the room does not rely on paid promotions where the site owner gets paid to say worthless securities are going to move because they received money or shares to do so. All that is asked is if you make money from the alerts or tools, that you help pay for the costs.

Live Real Time Scanner

The Traderoom features live real time scanners starting @ 9am EST with the pre-market movers, and on the market open it switches to a set of scanners that have been back tested using years of data to determine which settings have the possibility of returning the most winners. Click here for a short description and view of each one.

Trade Tools

Trade tools have been added to add in making profit and trading decisions. Since the TradeRoom is mainly focused on taking profits at various percentages, a profit percentage calculator was added. An Average Down calculator has been added to tell you the average cost and the number of shares if you are looking to average down your cost in a security. Also you can input a securities symbol you and select what data source you like (TradingView, Finviz, iHub, etc.) and it will give you all the information about that symbol. You can only select one data source at a time, but each one opens in a new tab so you can compare all the information. Lastly an economic calendar was added. This calendar tells you the important economic news for that day as well tells you the severity on how it tends to move the market.

Streaming Audio News

Audio news streamed from various news sources.